10 September 2008

Fitness for Brides (and others)

Angela Ganote - Fox 59 Indy
I am in LOVE with the Wii game system. Of course, we don't have one YET. My husband is a BIG PS3 player. However, we both LOVE the Wii. Especially the fact that it is interactive. As I was sitting on the couch drinking my coffee watching Angela Ganote from Fox59 try the Wii fitness system, it occurred to me this would be a great tool for brides to be who want to get or stay fit for their wedding date and after. I think it's a great idea because brides have so much going on with meeting with their planner and vendors, attending showers,etc.. The Wii is right in your home!
I watched Molly Tittle from the fitness section show Angela how the yoga and skiing worked. The yoga is amazing. It's a great tool especially if you feel a bit timid to go to the yoga studio. Not into yoga? The bowling , tennis , baseball are all great for a workout ,too. Mind you I am STILL sitting on the couch drinking coffee..............

Have a LOVE-ly Day!

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