04 September 2008

Trash the Dress

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Jen Stewart Photography

Remember the days when brides preserved their wedding gowns? Well, those days are over (for the most part). Many brides are now opting to TRASH THE DRESS. This means they take pictures - after the wedding- in the water, in the mud, drenched in colorful paint. You may think this is strange, but the pictures are absolutely beautiful. While I think the dresses would be better given to a charity, I can appreciate what the brides are doing. Many are saying they are doing it to show their commitment to the their new husband and the marriage. Some say the chances of their daughters actually wearing their dress is SLIM. After all, they didn't wear their mom's gown. My thought on the daughter wearing the dress is - why not save a piece of the gown fabric for your daughters "something old"? These same brides are also donating their dresses to charity. I LOVE this idea. The dress can be cleaned if it gets too dirty and donated. Check this blog out at a later date for more on Donating your wedding dress. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

1 comment:

Crossroads Cottage said...

Love the pictures. Makes me wish that I trashed my dress instead of preserving it. :-)

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