24 April 2009

ASK THE PLANNER - Do I really need a seating chart?

There are only a FEW instances where I would say you may not need a seating chart. Are you just having a cocktail hour reception? Then, you may be fine not having it. Just make sure you have seating arranged for your guests will special needs. However, in most other cases, you absolutely MUST having seating prearranged. Some reasons why you need a seating chart:

  • It will cut the time guest take to get seated.

  • Everyone may make a mad dash for the"good seats". You don't want anyone getting hurt trying to get to a seat - do you?

  • Older relatives may end up with a seat where they can't see or hear.

  • Your decor may be ruined by guests using their coats to "hold" seats. Believe me, I have been to weddings where this has happened.

  • If people show up uninvited, they may take a seat intended for a guest who has R.S.V.P'd.

The list goes on and on......... Do your self a favor and take the time to plan your seating.

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