07 April 2009

Beautiful and delicious cakes

Most people attending a wedding are waiting for the two main attractions: the wedding dress and the wedding cake. While guests can only look at (ok and maybe touch) the dress, everyone can partake in the beauty AND the taste of a wedding cake. What good is a beautiful wedding cake if it doesn't taste good? Most cakes like the ones pictured above can be costly and not in every ones budget. However, there are ways you can save on the cost of your cake.

  • Be a square - square cakes tend to yield more servings than traditional round cakes.
  • Keep it fresh - instead of the gorgeous handmade florals and decorations, opt for fresh seasonal florals and even fruits to decorate your cake.
  • Keep designs to a minimum - Swiss dots look beautiful on a cake and don't cost nearly as much as more intricate designs.
  • Dummy up - Have your baker create a smaller decorated cake for display and then bake several sheet cakes for serving. Slices can be cut in the prep room and your guests will never know.
  • Choose one flavor. Often brides want several different flavors. This can be extremely expensive in some cases.

Cakes by Ron Ben-Israel from InStyle weddings

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