16 April 2009

Linens - BBJ

Can I tell you how much I adore BBJ Linen? The linens are TOP OF THE LINE and they have ALOT of linens. Go to their website and you will see what I mean. The easy to use design center allows you to create a look using table linens, napkins,etc. Not creative? Not to worry , they also have an event page with TONS of past events. Jesse Vogel is the rep for the Indy area. He is the BEST! We are honored to feature their linens on the e-vents tablescapes at the BRIDAL SHOW 2009.Here is a bit from their website:Relationships. We all have them. And we have all built them. Sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by chance. Like the early relationship between the founding partners of BBJ Linen, Judy Goldberg and Bonnie Dannen, whose friendship in college turned into a successful Chicago-area business. Along with Bill Pry, whose additional design and skills rounded out an exceptional team – the company was built through trust, communication and a commitment to relationships. Since 1983, BBJ has grown into one of the leading specialty linen rental companies in the United States.This commitment is carried out through all of our 16 fully-staffed regional showrooms and 8 home-based sales managers. Together, they house more than 70 sales and customer service representatives with diverse backgrounds in our sister industries of hospitality and catering, event design and production, floral artistry, marketing and facility management. In addition, a trio of regional warehouses support a rental inventory in excess of one million items.Recently one of the owners found hand written orders from the archives, for several weeks during the first year of operation. It is amazing to see how far the company has grown – all the technology and industry success that has occurred in the past two decades. However, the most significant fact is that all the companies listed (unless they are no longer in business) are still working with BBJ today!BBJ LINEN is proud of our many long-term friends and clients throughout the country. Relationship is the basis of our language. And the key to our success. May you find in our products and service just how much pleasure we take in being a resource to you.


Setting the Mood said...

LOVE your new blog look!!

Erika Gregory said...

Thanks, doll! I am a fool for a beautiful chandalier!

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