25 April 2009

Your pretty little twenties.........

Wedding season is underway in Indianapolis! What a wonderful time to get married (although I tend to like all seasons for weddings).

There is so much to do in preparation for the big day and one of the last to be done is the mani/pedi. Just remember - it's much easier to have a beautiful set of fingernails and toenails on your wedding day IF you keep them prepared all the time. This doesn't mean you need to have a mani/pedi done all the time. There are MANY tricks you can do at home to keep your nails beautiful. Here are a few:

  • CUTICLE OIL - This is a MUST! Place a few drops on each nail and massage gently into all parts. I suggest doing this several times a day. You can also massage your lotion into the cuticles each time you wash your hands. Don't forget to do your toes - more reasonable to do this at night and in the morning. My favorite cuticle oil is from Deborah Lippmann and her Lippmann collection line. It's called - CUTICLE OIL (who knew) and contains jojoba oil. Love,love,love the scent! It is $18, but so worth it! You can also use her hand and cuticle cream - RICH GIRL. This cream LASTS for what seems like forever!

  • REMOVE THE DEAD SKIN - The best way to do this and keep dead skin to a minimum is by doing it in the shower. Your skin is softer and will remove much more easily. The old yukky stuff goes right down the drain. You can use a pumice stone for this task. You can also use - GET OFF - from the Lippmann collection. This stuff is AWESOME! Spray on and watch the dead skin roll off. Never ever use a blade to remove dead skin. I learned this lesson YEARS ago! Not only is it illegal in Indiana, but it's just plain scary.

  • BUFF - Keep the ridges off of your nails by buffing them at least once a week. You will see a shine which requires no need for polish. If you choose to use polish, it will GLIDE on beautifully. Please do NOT forget those toes.......

  • POLISH - I know above I said that you don't need to polish if you buff. Let's face it - most of us LOVE a little color in our life. There is so much to choose from these days. I adore the colors from OPI's Fairytale line. These are gorgeous colors for brides and others.

I have listed what may seem like some expensive options but rest assured you can find some great and inexpensive alternatives at your local drugstore as well.

Let's not forget your grooms hands - nothing looks better than great buffed fingernails for your man in your ring shots!

Have a LOVE-ly day!

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