11 April 2009

Especially for the Groom ..... The Grooms Guide

Grooms: Does it seem like everything is all about the bride? Need to special attention for your self and help with your groomsmen? Well, the Indy market has something just for you.... The Grooms Guide. My dear friend, Shaune Shelby, created the Grooms Guide while living in Virginia. He relocated back to Indy and is now ready to offer the services here. I can not wait to team up with him. I'll feature more about the company and a bio of Shaune later this month.
In the meantime, I'll share a few things that every groom can do during the planning stages:
  • TASTINGS - This may be obvious, but a favorite among most grooms I know.
  • RENT OR BUY - If you attend a lot of formal functions, this could be an excellent time to purchase a tuxedo. Just be sure to lean towards the traditional. My husband purchased his for our wedding 9 years ago and still wears it to this day. You can jazz it up by using different ties and cumberbunds throughout the years.
  • PLAN THE HONEYMOON - This can be so much fun. You find the spots and you both can decide.
  • MUSIC - Be sure your favorites are represented. This can also be very fun....a trip down memory lane as you choose your songs.

Most of all, enjoy this time with your future bride planning YOUR wedding. Be sure to visit daily for our blog on the Grooms Guide!

Have a LOVE-ly day!

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