10 April 2009


Oh, how I adore peonies (paeonia) - the state flower of Indiana. These beautiful flowers remind me of cotton candy - pink cotton candy. All fluffy and full of beauty. Haven't tasted one yet - so, I can't comment on whether it is as sweet as cotton candy.

The flowers are a great option for the late May or early June wedding when they are in bloom. The peony is especially beautiful when used in Chinese or Victorian themed weddings. The fragrance of the flower is much like that of a rose - only a bit stronger. Peonies are a great floral to use for weddings as you can use a few and create a wonderful impact in your decor. They are grown mostly as ornamental plants and can be seen all over Indiana in the spring. Be careful though - they are a major attraction for ants. This is because of the nectar that forms on the outside of the buds. If you are a DIY bride, make sure to dip each flower head into a bucket of cool water long enough to kill the ants. Then, let the flower heads dry for at least an hour in an shady spot. Who needs a bunch of uninvited guests at your wedding - right?

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Shana said...

Oh, how I love peonies! We planted some in our yard 2 years ago; although they haven't actually bloomed. Had no idea they attracted ants - thanks for the info! :)

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