14 April 2009

Daily Candy Weddings launches

One of my favorite websites, Daily Candy, now offers Daily Candy weddings. I have been a HUGE fan of Daily Candy Chicago, New York, Dallas and London - especially when we are visiting those areas .
Daily Candy is a free daily e-mail newsletter and website that informs it's readers of the latest and greatest things in fashion, arts, lifestyle, beauty and food. Their wedding edition is a MUST for all brides. They offer all sorts of sweepstakes and TONS of helpful wedding information . Visit here to sign up for the newsletter and here to sign up to win wonderful wedding prizes. Currently they are offering a chance to win a wedding dress from Saks and The Perfect Honeymoon compliments of JetBlue.


Newport Nuptials said...

Thats is exciting! I always forget about Daily Candy, but it's such a great site!

Setting the Mood said...

Hi Erika!! I have to check out Daily Candy!! Can't wait to meet soon about the makeup and martini nite!

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