03 April 2009

Let's talk makeup .......

Many of you know about the wonderful makeup artistry of Bridal Beauty by Blush - NaShara Mitchell. Her work is awesome! If you ever have need for a makeup artist for any special event, please be sure to contact Bridal Studio by Blush - you will not be disappointed. I recently used her and I must say I have never felt lovelier. She recently wrote an article for the e-vents newsletter and I thought I'd share it with everyone here:
Beautiful! Gorgeous! Breathtaking! The words every bride should hear on her wedding day. You've paid attention to every planning detail from linen and flower selection to the placement of the seating cards and sweet treats for the guest gift baskets. You've scoured wedding magazines and every boutique online and in town to find the perfect wedding dress, tiara, earrings and shoes; however, have you considered your wedding day makeup and beauty regimen? Your wedding day makeup is an accessory that should add to your overall wedding wardrobe and deserves particular attention. Makeup can do many things, but on your wedding day, makeup should not turn you into someone unrecognizable. Do you really want to look back at pictures and wonder, "What was I thinking?!?!" You should look like you, only better. Just like your hairstyle and bouquet, your makeup should match your personality, style of your wedding dress, as well as your wedding theme, location, and the time of day.

Are you a natural woman and wear little to no makeup on a daily basis or are you a makeup diva, who does not leave the house without a full face and false eyelashes? For those who are lip balm and go queens, playing dress up weeks in advance will help build your comfort level with makeup and the enhancements a little mascara and powder will add to your photos. For the makeup divas, it's a matter of finding the look that works for you. Leaf through magazines, visit cosmetic counters, or meet with your makeup artist to find, try out, and select an appropriate look. Be sure to take snapshots of each of your looks so you not only see how the look will appear in photographs, but you can also capture the memories and fun you had along the way. Whether you ultimately decide to complete your own wedding day makeup application or involve a professional makeup artist, it is very important to pick one feature and highlight it. If you are having a morning wedding, highlight your glowing skin and try to enhance the soft, muted, dewiness of the morning with complimenting soft, natural colors. If you are having an afternoon wedding, add a little more color and definition to your eyes or lips, but be mindful of your skin. The sun is at its highest in the afternoon and will create shadows across your face if your ceremony is outdoors or if you take any outdoor photographs. Glowing skin can easily turn into skin that is unattractive during the afternoon heat, so powder is a must. If you are having an evening wedding, drama reigns supreme. The universally flattering smoky eye with false eyelashes is perfect for this late nuptial hour. Not a fan of smoky eyes, try a true red lip color matched to your complexion paired with a very soft eye for a look of elegance. Classic beauty is always in style. In considering your wedding day makeup look, it is also important to create and maintain a good beauty regimen. A well executed makeup application starts with smooth, healthy, and glowing skin. Your lifestyle and diet have the largest impact on your overall health and resulting skin complexion. Increasing your water intake, exercise, and sleep and limiting caffeine and alcohol are part of a balanced beauty regimen. Proper cleansing, moisturizing and limiting sun exposure are also important. It is best to consult with a dermatologist, aesthetician, or nutritionist at least 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day in order to create a plan for optimal results. A smile and confidence are still the reigning wedding day beauty accessories. A bride is the essence of perfection when she is clothed in the radiant glow that comes only with the confidence of understanding and showcasing her inner beauty. Whether naturally polished or fully made-up, your smile and the twinkle in your eyes from knowing that you are preparing for a lifelong marriage to your beloved, not just a one- day wedding celebration, will have every guest gushing, "Isn't she lovely."

~NaShara Mitchell~

Bridal Beauty by Blush
NaShara Mitchell

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