23 April 2009

Choosing your wedding shoes.............

In the last few years, we have seen so brides sporting many different styles when it comes to wedding shoes. I think it is wonderful! Brides these days are not stuck with the old satin wedding shoes - you know the ones - the same ones you could dye to match your prom dress?
Thankfully, brides are choosing what suits them and their style. From sparkles to stripes - anything is game! Want to wear tennies under your gown? My biggest bit of advice to brides is to make sure they are comfortable! One bride may be completely comfortable wearing ballet flats while another finds comfort in a stiletto. Be sure to "break" your shoes in before your big day. Wear them around the house - outside - take them to your venue and walk/dance around in them. You certainly do not want any blisters on your feet - right? You may also consider adding some of the sole pads to the to the bottoms of your shoes for added traction - JUST NOT ON YOUR LOUBUOTIN'S - please! You can also added a little traction by using sandpaper to scuff the soles a bit.

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